Au Revoir

21. Senior. NYC. Photography. Nature. Retro 70's-high fashion. I have an affinity to white people. Wasian babies. I like looking up at the sky. Tattoos and piercings. JWU, Culinary.

Feeling Good.

A first in the long time. 
Sleeping before 12. Before 11. Before 10. 
Something that has never happened, in the history of becoming an adolescent. I think being a hermit is a good thing sometimes. Not socializing is actually a good thing. Not tempted in things. But rather being productive. So unlike me, really. I really like it. 

But this doesn’t mean that I don’t like hanging out or talking to friends. Just the opposite really. I enjoy their presence more I think…

This post is such a contradiction. Yep.

Also, I’m having a lot more dreams. Dreams that I can remember. Finally. 

I’m fighting myself; the urge to talk to you; to resurface the past and question the present; I’m drowning without the ability to move. It’s suffocating when I think of the what ifs and who, where and when. Why.


I’m glad that you’ve found somebody now.

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All the while: I can’t stop thinking about you; I want to start a conversation; I’ve been thrown aside; but I still want you.


It’s all fun and games until u send ;) instead of :)

So fn true. Ahahaha

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das how we do


can I bring this back omg

not surprised this is still getting notes lol I’m so ugly.

you’re bootiful jason

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Oh lord help us.

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A trillion dollars in student loan debt right now.  A trillion right.  A TRILLION dollars.
We are lending money that we don’t have to kids that will never be able to pay it back, to educate them for jobs that no longer exist.

I miss you grandma.

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